Intimacy is allowing yourself to connect more deeply through actions that express feelings, vulnerabilities, and trust

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Individual Therapy

Intimacy doesn’t just happen, it requires effort.
It is a pure, genuinely loving relationship where each person wants to know more about the other; so, they make the effort. Grappling with unprocessed trauma or betrayal, living with addiction, or struggling with Anxiety or Depression, can hold back an individual from truly being available to themselves and others.

Couples Therapy

Our approach focuses on growth in the present and future. We use the past to play a significant role in creating empathetic listening and communication skills for current conflicts. As we learn from the past and get to see inside of our partners, we  strengthen the relationship, make efforts to grow, and avoid future mistakes.

Children Therapy

Young Kids and Adolescents are deeply influenced by the people who raise us. These influences include not only the genes inherited from biological parents, but also the behaviors, habits, values, and communication styles that we learn from our adult caregivers and generations before. In homes where one or more adults are struggling, children are approximately twice as likely to develop addictive disorders themselves. Early intervention and therapy can help equip the Child with tools to navigate the dysfunction and cultivate healthy feelings of self-esteem

Family Therapy

The effects of a parent’s addiction, infidelity, depression, anxiety, financial loss, grief, or any sort of mental health challenges are felt by the whole family. Family systems theory and attachment theory are theoretical models that provide a framework for understanding how these events can affect the family. Understanding the current developmental stage a family is in, helps inform assessment of impairment and determination of appropriate interventions.

Our Services

  • Intimacy issues, Infidelity, Affairs, Discovery of sex (porn) addiction, Love/Validation addicts, shame, discovery.
  • Inner-Child work, Codependency, Adult children of alcoholics and dysfunctional families
  • Children’s Poor performance in school, emotional and behavioral problems, low self-esteem, and a higher risk of developing anxiety/depression or early onset of experimentation with drugs or alcohol
  • Parenting issues
  • Teens
  • Extended family/Cultural issues
  • Financial issues
  • Substance Abuse, Alcoholism, Gambling, Food Addiction.
  • Guided Therapeutic Disclosures. 

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